musinc essentials

We’ve been working with individuals and organisations that deliver musical inclusion sessions for over three years. We’ve pulled together some useful resources that may support your planning, delivery and reporting. If you feel we could support you better by providing any further additional material please do let us know.

musinc principles

“We believe that young people can bring about positive change in their lives by engaging in music making”. The musinc principles underpin everything musinc does.

resources for getting off the ground

Expression of interest form – For all potential music leaders to state there interest

Privacy Policy To view the musinc Privacy Policy

Risk Assessment – blank template for use when submitting your risk assessment.

Example Risk Assessment – use this example to see the type of risks you need to include, please also tailor the form to account for any additional risks.

musinc Logo – use on any information you send out about your musinc project.

Youth Music Logo – to be included in any information you send out about your musinc project.

Media Consent Form – Use this form to confirm that permissions are in place for media documentation e.g. photographs and films that you take during the course of the project. (Please note that this considers Youth Music’s media consent policy).

in session resources

Practical Progression Supporting Musical Lives

musinc Register 2017 – Use this to record attendance on your musinc project.

resources for reporting and evaluation

Reflection Card – Reflecting on our work and sharing insights with others is a powerful way of learning. Use this resource to help you.

20 Questions – to help you document and share your Musical Inclusion practice